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Eliyahou Plastics Ltd. manufactures plastic conduits for electrical infrastructure. The product range includes:


  Multilayer flexible Magnum conduits for road crossings and high loads - IS 61386/24 compatible

  Single layer flexible conduits for electric and communication wires  - IS 728 compatible

  Flexible conduits for anchors (extra thick)

  Self-extinguishing and non self-extinguishing conduits for electric wires - IS 728 compatible

  Flexible draining conduits Super Kiz perforated,  uncoated or coated with geotechnical fabric.


Eliyahou Plastics Ltd. is very strict about product quality and uses cutting edge equipment combining advanced technologies and high quality, non recycled raw materials. The company's production processes are backed by IS approved ISO 2000-9001. The company employs an efficient and extensive logistic array ensuring delivery of the product of choice at short notice to any destination in Israel.


Eliyahou Plasitcs Ldt. continually maintains communications with engineering firms and offers comprehensive and professional answers to any question one might have regarding the use of its products.

The company has the means to provide any technical information, test result, approval, and SII marks.


We would be glad to set a meeting and promote projects together enjoying fruitful cooperation.

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