Duct Extrusion Pipes (PEX)


In recent years, the need to extrude water pipes into flexible ducts has come about. As the first manufacturer to engage in such production, we produce pipes in various sizes and colors for the extrusion of PEX pipes, to be used by major Israeli companies. 


These pipes are made of pristine polyethylene which features high quality and unique properties that make the pipes long lasting and impact resistant. 

The flexible duct is visibly of very high quality and is characterized by symmetry in wall thickness. It undergoes the strictest tests.


Standard colors are blue, red, grey, black, and light blue. (other colors are available on request.) 

* all the ducts are UV protected to ward off wear and tear due to exposure to sun light and to extend the duct's lifespan. 

Standard color

Water pipes diameter

Conduit diameter external/internal(mm) 

red, blue,black
red, blue,black
red, blue,black
red, blue,black
red, blue,black
grey, red, blue,black
red, blue,black



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