Flexible Pipe System (Linking) to Electricity Standard 728


The flexible pipe system is the ultimate piping for electricians in the event that there are constraining field conditions that demand extra flexion. The pipe system meets Israel Standard 728. 

The product is manufactured from crude, pure Polyethylene HD which allows a homogenous sequence of wall thickness and unique strength. 

The pipe's is mainly used for circuitous drainage in ceilings, plaster walls, electrical panels, building blocks, etc.

The pipe is available in green but can be ordered in other colors upon demand.

The pipes contain fire-retardant material that prevents conflagration during a fire. 



Technical Specifications for 728-Standard Linking Pipe


Nominal Measure (Millimeters)


Internal Diameter  



External Diameter



Cylinder Length 


Cylinder Length 

 11 11 16 100 0.03
 13.5 13.5 18.5 100 0.04
 16 16 21 100 0.55
 23 23 28 50 0.08
 29 29 3450  0.110
 44 44 50 50 0.23



All weights and measurements are in accordance with Israel Standard 728


 Linking pipes for light loads - Infrastructures and electricity can be attained in the following measurements:


Technical data for single layered pipe for electricity and infrastructures – "Bell" measurements in millimeters



External Diameter50637590110125160200
internal Diameter3850607392106132170



The abovementioned pipes are available in black and green, but can be ordered in others colors upon demand.  


All the pipes have been inserted with a pull string.

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