Double-layer Magnum Conduits

Quality of Product

The Magnum is a very smoothly finished high quality flexible conduit. It meets the Israeli Standard 4519 and bears the SII 4519 mark. It also meets the European EN50086-2-4 standard. 

The Magnum is manufactured from pristine HD and LD raw materials suitable for flexible conduits. 

Using pristine raw material makes possible the unique red color and the visible black print along the conduit length.

The Magnum conduit has been approved for use by planning and infrastructure firms such as Drachim, the Israeli Electric Company, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Defense.


Strong Points


The Mgnum is a most flexible conduit that can bend as much as required for performing the work. Its bending radius, for all conduit girths, is three time its external diameter.

Its exceptional flexibility allows big savings on connection apparatuses and complicated operations.



The Magnum conduit is very rigid, which allows for better crushing resistance, the pristine raw material imparts a unique structural strength on the Magnum conduit. 

Magnum regains 90% in 20 after being crushed.


Resistance to Wear and Tear

The Magnum conduit external later is made from pristine polyethylene coated with a UV resistant paint which endures the strong solar radiation typical to Israel and prevents evaporation and dehydration. 


Impact Resistance

The Magnum conduit meets the Israeli Standard 4519 and all European standards, and is also continually put to meticulous laboratory tests.


Multilayer, IS 4519 compatible, Magnum conduit – specification











* conduits are red on the outside and black on the inside.

Cat. No.

Average Internal Diameter (mm)

Average External Diameter (mm)


Nominal Diameter 



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